“But the chair whose violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o’er, Lenore II shall press, ah, nevermore!”

Lenore II didn’t make it through the chapter, but you did. You can develop all your Liferay plugins using Maven; there’s a standard process for generating the archetypes and selecting your plugin options for each plugin type. You can then customize the archetype to your liking. Using Maven to develop plugins offers an easy and effective way to customize your Liferay Portal.

You accomplished a lot in this chapter. You configured Maven locally, downloaded and installed the required Liferay Maven artifacts, and learned to create Liferay plugins with Maven. You’re ready to create all kinds of Liferay plugins based on Liferay’s plugin archetypes.

We’ve explored Maven in this chapter, and the Plugins SDK in earlier chapters. You’ve seen two powerful tools you can use to develop your Liferay plugins. In addition to these, there’s Liferay IDE and Liferay Developer Studio! Let’s look at Liferay IDE in the next chapter.

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