In this chapter we explored Liferay IDE, an extension of Eclipse IDE. You learned to to install and set up Liferay IDE, then to create and deploy Liferay projects, as well as import existing projects into Liferay IDE. Admit it–it’s a slick set of tools! We hope you take advantage of it in using Liferay Portal and developing your Liferay plugins.

After learning all about Liferay IDE we looked at managing workflows using Kaleo Designer for Java in Liferay Developer Studio. With Developer Studio’s dynamic workflow diagram, you can visualize your workflow and create steps to ensure a successful business process. The script and template editors give you a convenient workspace to further enhance your workflow development environment.

Because Developer Studio has access to your custom business logic APIs and Liferay Portal APIs, it’s simple to customize your workflow definition. To get your workflows running in Liferay, you can publish directly to your existing Liferay server; the configuration process is quick and easy. With all of its features, the Kaleo Designer for Java in Developer Studio is a powerful yet simple tool.

Next, let’s get up-close and personal with Liferay’s APIs!

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