Our experience is now much more enjoyable than when we first signed up. As new Listies, we had no idea how to define our own data types for our lists, let alone how to create a list. You can now be the envy of your co-workers as you breeze through list setup and data definitions. Once you have your new lists set up, you can work through building new, custom input forms for the data. Your friends on will thank you and wonder how you were able to accomplish it all. That’s nothing next to the masterpiece of design that you can show off in your custom displays through list templates. Once the lists have the precise look and feel you envisioned, then living among the Listies will not only be easy, but fun and exciting.

With the ability to create dynamic sets of data and customize both the data display as well as the entry, the possible combinations are limitless. Dynamic Data Lists can be viewed as a way to deliver small-scale applications that display desired information quickly. Whether you’re building a site like or a real estate listing service, you’ll find the limitless power of dynamic data lists enticing, easy to use, and above all, empowering.

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