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Creating Basic Web Content
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Before you get any further you should set your site name. When you start a new Liferay bundle for the first time, it creates a site with a single “Welcome” page. The default name for the Site is “Liferay,” but you can change that by changing the name globally. You can set the name through the Setup Wizard or through the Control Panel.

Changing the Site Name

Since you’re working on the Lunar Resort website, and not Liferay’s website, you should head over to the Control Panel to set your site name properly.

  1. Open the Menu.

  2. Click on Control PanelConfiguration

  3. Select Instance Settings.

Figure 1: The Instance Settings page.

Figure 1: The Instance Settings page.

On the Instance Settings page, you can configure many aspects of your Liferay Instance, ranging from the site name and logo to authentication and email configuration. All you’re concerned about today is the site name.

  1. Under GeneralMain Configuration enter The Lunar Resort in the Name field.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

  3. Instantly, you should see that “The Lunar Resort” has replaced “Liferay” wherever the site name is referenced.

Figure 2: The Instance Settings page.

Figure 2: The Instance Settings page.

Now that we have that little bit of housekeeping taken care of, you can continue to create content and build your site!

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