Displaying Adapted Images in Your App

To display adapted images in your apps, Adaptive Media offers a convenient taglib in the module com.liferay.adaptive.media.image.taglib. This taglib only has one mandatory attribute: fileVersion. This attribute indicates the file version of the adapted image that you want to display. You can also add as many attributes as needed, such as class, style, data-sample, and so on. Any attributes you add are then added to the adapted images in the markup the taglib renders.

This tutorial uses the Adaptive Media Samples app to show you how to use this taglib. When added to a page, this app displays all the adapted images from the current site’s Documents and Media app, provided that Adaptive Media image resolutions and Documents and Media images exist.

Follow these steps to use the taglib:

  1. Include the module taglib dependency in your project. If you’re using Gradle, for example, you must add the following line in your project’s build.gradle file:

    provided group: "com.liferay", name: "com.liferay.adaptive.media.image.taglib", version: "1.0.0"

    For example, the Adaptive Media Samples app’s build.gradle file contains this taglib.

  2. Declare the taglib in your JSP:

    <%@ taglib uri="http://liferay.com/tld/adaptive-media-image" prefix="liferay-adaptive-media" %>

    For example, the Adaptive Media Samples app’s init.jsp declares all the taglibs the app needs.

  3. Use the taglib wherever you want the adapted image to appear in your app’s JSP files:

    <liferay-adaptive-media:img class="img-fluid" fileVersion="<%= fileEntry.getFileVersion() %>" />

    For example, the Adaptive Media Samples app’s view.jsp uses the taglib to display the adapted images in a grid with the col-md-6 column container class. Looking at the markup the app generates, you can see that it uses the <picture> tag as described in the article Creating Content with Adapted Images.

    Figure 1: The Adaptive Media Samples app shows all the sites adapted images.

    Figure 1: The Adaptive Media Samples app shows all the site's adapted images.

Well done! Now you know how to display adapted images in your app.

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