Updating Liferay Workspace

Liferay Workspace is continuously being updated with new features. If you created your workspace a while ago, you may be missing out on some of the latest features that could improve your Liferay development experience. Updating your Liferay Workspace is easy; you’ll learn how to do it next.

  1. Find the latest Liferay Workspace version. To do this, open the Liferay Gradle Plugins Workspace Change Log and copy the version to which you want to upgrade. You can find the updates and new features associated with each version by browsing the change log too.

  2. Open your Liferay Workspace’s settings.gradle file. This file resides in your Workspace’s root folder.

  3. In the dependencies block, you’ll find code similar to below:

    dependencies {
        classpath group: "com.liferay", name: "com.liferay.gradle.plugins.workspace", version: "[WORKSPACE_VERSION]"

    Update the com.liferay.gradle.plugins.workspace dependency’s version to the version number you copied from the change log in step 1.

  4. Execute any Gradle command to initiate the update process for your Workspace (e.g., blade gw tasks).

Awesome! You learned where to check for Liferay Workspace’s latest version, how to update your Workspace to that version, and how to initiate the update process.

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