Maven is a viable option for managing Liferay projects if you don’t want to use Liferay’s default Gradle management system. Liferay provides several Maven plugins to let you generate and manage your project. Liferay also provides Maven artifacts that are easy to obtain and are required for Liferay Maven module development. In the Maven tutorials, you’ll learn how to

  • Install Liferay Maven artifacts.
  • Generate Liferay projects using Maven archetypes.
  • Create a Module JAR using Maven.
  • Deploy a project built with Maven to Liferay DXP.
  • Create a remote repository for Maven projects.
  • Deploy a Maven project to a remote repository.
  • Use Service Builder in a Maven project.
  • Compile Sass files in a Maven project.
  • Build a Liferay theme in a Maven project.
  • Leverage the Maven Workspace.

Because Liferay DXP is tool agnostic, Maven is fully supported for Liferay DXP development. Read on to learn more!

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