System Check

During development, all kinds of strange things can happen in the OSGi container. Liferay’s system:check Gogo shell command can help you see what’s happening. You can enable it to run as the last Portal startup step and you can execute it any time in Gogo shell.

system:check aggregates these commands:

  • ds:unsatisfied: Reports unsatisfied Declarative Service components.

  • dm na: Reports unsatisfied Dependency Manager service components, including Service Builder services.

System checking functionality from future Liferay tools will be added to system:check.

Developer mode runs system:check automatically on every startup.

You can enable system:check to run on startup outside of developer mode by setting this property in your file:

As stated previously, you can run the system:check command any time in Gogo shell. Enjoy detecting unresolved components and other issues fast using system:check.

Detecting Unresolved OSGi Components

Gogo shell

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