Liferay DXP Failed to Initialize Because the Database Wasn't Ready

If you start your database server and application server at the same time, Liferay DXP might try connecting to the data source before the database is ready. By default, Liferay DXP doesn’t retry connecting to the database; it just fails. But there is a way to avoid this situation: database connection retries.

  1. Create a file in your Liferay Home folder.

  2. Set the property retry.jdbc.on.startup.max.retries equal to the number of times to retry connecting to the data source.

  3. Set property retry.jdbc.on.startup.delay equal to the number of seconds to wait before retrying connection.

If at first the connection doesn’t succeed, Liferay DXP uses the retry settings to try again.

Connecting to JNDI Data Sources

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