Module JSP Override

The Module JSP Override sample conveys Liferay’s recommended approach to override an application’s JSP by leveraging OSGi fragment modules. This example overrides the default login.jsp file in the com.liferay.login.web bundle by adding the red text changed to the Sign In form.

Figure 1: The customized Sign In form with the new changed text.

Figure 1: The customized Sign In form with the new *changed* text.

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This sample demonstrates how to create a fragment host module and configure it to override an existing module’s JSP.

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You can create your own JSP override by

  • Declaring the fragment host.
  • Providing the JSP that will override the original one.

To properly declare the fragment host in the bnd.bnd file, you must specify the host module’s (where the original JSP is located) Bundle Symbolic Name and the host module’s exact version to which the fragment belongs. In this example, this is configured like this:

Fragment-Host: com.liferay.login.web;bundle-version="1.0.0"

Then you must provide the new JSP intended to override the original one. Be sure to mimic the host module’s folder structure when overriding its JAR. For this example, since the original JSP is in the folder /META-INF/resources/login.jsp, the new JSP file resides in the folder src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/login.jsp.

If needed, you can also target the original JSP following one of the two possible naming conventions: original or portal. This pattern looks like

    servletContext="<%= application %>"


    servletContext="<%= application %>"

This approach can be used to override any application JSP (i.e., JSPs residing in a module). You can also add new JSPs to an existing module with this technique. If you need to override a core JSP, see the core-jsp-override sample.

For more information on using fragment bundles to override application JSPs, see the Overriding App JSPs tutorial.

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There are three different versions of this sample, each built with a different build tool:

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