Creating Web Content

Web Content Management (WCM) helps users who are not web developers publish content with a simple point and click interface, while enabling developers to create complex templates with dynamic elements. Once these templates have been deployed into Liferay DXP, your non-technical users can use them to manage complex content as easily as they would manage basic content.

It has these components:

Web Content Editor: A complete HTML editor for modifying fonts, adding color, inserting images, and much more.

Structure Editor: Define fields for structured content and more advanced designs.

Template Editor: Import template script files or create your own template to inform the system how to display the content within the fields determined by the structure.

Web Content Display: Place web content on pages in your Site.

Asset Publisher: Aggregate and display different types of content together in one view. This is covered in more detail in Publishing Assets.

Scheduler: Schedule when content is reviewed, displayed or removed. This is covered in more detail in Scheduling Web Content Publication.

Workflow Integration: Run your content through a review process. This is covered in more detail in the Workflow section.

Staging: Use a separate staging server or stage your content locally so you can keep your changes separate from the live site. This is covered in more detail in Using the Staging Environment.

These tools streamline the content creation process for end users and are also integrated with Liferay’s services so advanced template developers can use them to query for data stored elsewhere on your website.

To demonstrate Liferay DXP’s Web Content Management features, you’ll create and manage content on Liferay for the ambitious (and fictitious) Lunar Resort project. The Lunar Resort project specializes in facilitating lunar vacations. It provides space shuttle transportation from the Earth to the Moon and back, offers the use of a state-of-the-art recreational facility enclosed by a large, transparent habitat dome, and even rents out lunar rovers.

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