Setting Permissions

Storing your data in a database is really only the first step in creating a full-blown, data-driven application. Once the data is there, most of the time you’ll want to make sure that some of that data is protected from the general web-browsing public. You’ll also want to enable some users (such as signed in users) to add guestbook entries, while preventing others (such as those who aren’t signed in) from doing so.

In this Learning Path, you’ll find out how to use Liferay’s permissions system to implement security in your application. You’ll implement a default permissions scheme that allows signed in users to enter guestbook entries, while preventing anonymous users from doing so. Users with administrative access can add new guestbooks, while regular users cannot. You’ll see how easy it is to implement security in Liferay Portal, and be able to add it to your own applications.

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