Asset Enabling Custom Entities

Liferay’s asset framework provides a set of features that are common to many different types of content. Web content articles, blog posts, wiki articles, and documents are a few examples of Liferay assets. Developers can define custom asset types so that they don’t have to independently implement functionality that Liferay already provides. Liferay’s asset framework includes the following features:

  • Tags and categories
  • Comments and ratings
  • Related assets (a.k.a. asset links)
  • Faceted search
  • Integration with Liferay’s Asset Publisher portlet
  • Integration with Liferay’s Search portlet
  • Integration with Liferay’s Tags Navigation portlet, Tag Cloud portlet, and Categories Navigation portlets

For more information on Liferay’s asset framework, please refer to Liferay’s User Guide. In this learning path, you’ll integrate the guestbook and guestbook entry entities with Liferay’s asset framework. You’ll implement tags, categories, comments, ratings, and related assets for guestbooks and guestbook entries. You’ll also learn how asset-enabled guestbooks and guestbook entries integrate with Liferay core portlets including the Asset Publisher, Tags Navigation, Tag Cloud, and Categories Navigation portlets.

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