The HTML Structure of portal_normal.ftl

The portal_normal.ftl file is a template through which all the portlets on a Liferay site are rendered.

Look at the figure below to see what the finished HTML structure will look like:

Figure 1: The HTML is broken up into sections.

Figure 1: The HTML is broken up into sections.

The HTML structure is broken up into three main sections: Banner, Content, and Footer. The Banner contains the logo for the site, its name, the page title, and the main navigation. The Content <div> holds the breadcrumbs for the site and the portlets on the page. Finally, the Footer holds the ‘powered-by Liferay’ and social media links. The three main sections are all contained within a wrapper <div> that’s used to adjust the width of the site.

Now that you are familiar with the HTML structure, you can make some modifications to the theme templates next.

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