Leveraging Bootstrap and Font Awesome Icons in Your Theme

The puzzle pieces are falling into place. You’ve built the theme, imported resources, and customized the look and feel of it with CSS. Now you’ll learn how to use the icons that come bundled with Liferay to create the social media links for the Lunar Resort.

Bootstrap and Font Awesome icons come bundled with Liferay, making them a prime resource to use in your theme. Each library of icons offers a unique sampling to choose from. In either case, you access the icons by setting your element’s class to the corresponding icon name.

All the available Bootstrap icons, along with their names, can be found in the Github repository.

Likewise, you will find the list of available Font Awesome icons, along with their names, in their Github repository.

In this portion of the Learning Path, you’ll leverage some of Font Awesome’s icons to create the social media links for the Lunar Resort. This was a design choice: you could use Bootstrap’s icons using the same methods.

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