Introduction to Advanced Portal Operation

In this chapter, you’ll find several advanced features of Liferay Portal, including portal maintenance, backup, and logging. You’ll also learn how to access Liferay’s web services remotely. It’s generally not much more complicated to maintain a running Liferay instance than it is to maintain the application server upon which it’s running. However, Liferay provides tools for logging, patching, and upgrading Liferay that you should know how to use. It’s also important to follow secure backup procedures to protect your Liferay instance’s source code, database, and properties files.

We’ll discuss the following topics in this section:

  • Backing Up a Liferay Installation
  • Changing Logging Levels
  • Patching Liferay
  • Upgrading Liferay
  • Sandboxing Portlets to Ensure Portal Resiliency
  • Using Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)
  • Remotely Accessing Liferay Services

First, you’ll learn how to back up a Liferay installation.

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