A product image or video is a media file that has a relationship to a particular product. This relationship can be used to ensure that the appropriate images are displayed on product detail pages, in search results, or anywhere else information about the product is displayed. Images can also be associated with a specific product variant.

Follow these steps to create a product image:

  1. Go to the product’s page (CommerceCatalog → select product), click on the Images tab and then the Add button in the upper-right to display the Add Image form. Click Select File to upload a new image or video, or to select one from the documents and media repository. Set a priority to control the order in which attachments will be published on a page (lower numbers come first).

  2. If you want to associate the image with a specific product variant, select one from the Options section of the Add Image form. (Variants will only be available to choose from if a product has options which are designated as SKU contributors. See Options for details).

  3. If you want the image to be displayed on the product page for a limited period of time, specify display and expiration dates in the Schedule section at the bottom of the form.

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