Creating a Layout Template

With the Plugins SDK you can deploy layout templates as plugins, and creating layout templates with Liferay Developer Studio is easier than ever. Let’s call our layout template called Columns 1 4 1.

Using Developer Studio:

  1. Go to FileNewLiferay Plugin Project.

  2. Enter columns-1-4-1 for the Project name and Columns 1 4 1 for the Display name.

  3. Choose whichever build type you prefer (Ant or Maven) and select the appropriate Plugins SDK and Liferay runtime.

  4. Select Layout Template as your plugin type.

  5. Click Finish.

Figure 6.1: Creating a custom layout template project in Studio

Figure 6.1: Creating a custom layout template project in Studio

Using the terminal: Navigate to your Plugins SDK’s layouttpl folder, and execute the create script in your terminal. Here’s the generic version of the create script, followed by operating system-specific commands:

./create.[sh|bat] <project-name> "<layout template title>"
  1. Example in Linux and Mac OS X:

    ./ columns-1-4-1 "Columns 1 4 1"
  2. Example in Windows:

    create.bat columns-1-4-1 "Columns 1 4 1"

Developer Studio’s New Project wizard and the create scripts generate layout template projects in your Plugin SDK’s layouttpl folder. Layout template project names must end with -layouttpl so when you enter columns-1-4-1 for the project name, -layouttpl is automatically appended to the project name.

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