This chapter is a guide to everything about installing Liferay. Whether you choose a Liferay bundle or an existing application server, Liferay Portal integrates seamlessly with your enterprise Java environment. It is supported on more application servers than any other portal platform, allowing you to preserve your investment in your application server of choice or giving you the freedom to move to a different application server platform. Liferay is committed to providing you this freedom: we have 500 test servers certifying our builds with roughly 10,000 tests per version of Liferay Portal. Each of those tests are run on all of our different supported combinations of application servers, databases and operating systems. Because of this, you can be sure we are committed to supporting you on your environment of choice. You can feel safe knowing you have the freedom to use the software platform that is best for your organization and that Liferay Portal runs and performs well on it.

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