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Creating Basic Web Content
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In Liferay DXP, you create content independent of a page and then publish it on a page. Separating content creation from content display lets you publish content on multiple pages without recreating it, and prevents the loss of content if you remove it from a page or delete the page altogether.

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It’s time to get started:

  1. Open the Menu.

  2. Under the site (The Lunar Resort), select ContentWeb Content.

Figure 1: The Web Content page.

Figure 1: The Web Content page.

The Web Content site administration page is the hub for all the content in the Lunar Resort site. You create, edit, and review content from this page.

Follow these steps to create some content:

  1. Click the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen and select Basic Web Content.

    This opens up the web content editor. There are many options here, but for now pay attention only to the Title, Summary, and Content fields:

    • Title: The content’s title
    • Summary: The content’s summary. This should be a brief description of the content.
    • Content: The content’s body. For example, if the content is an image, you add image in this field.
  2. In the Title field, enter Lunar Resort Welcome.

  3. In the Summary field, enter Welcome page content for the Lunar Resort.

The Content field hides a great deal of power. It’s sort of like a super hero. Now you’ll use it to create your first piece of web content:

  1. In the Content field, enter the text Make Memories at the Lunar Resort.

  2. Select the text with your cursor.

  3. In the toolbar that appears above the text, change Normal to Heading 1. This sets the text as a first-level heading. You may need to close the menu for the full dialog above the text to be visible.

    Figure 2: The Content field lets you format text on the fly.

    Figure 2: The Content field lets you format text on the fly.

  4. De-select the text and make a new line.

  5. Click the plus button and select the image icon.

    Figure 3: To begin adding an image, select the image icon.

    Figure 3: To begin adding an image, select the image icon.

  6. Using drag and drop or the Select File button, upload the provided moon-image1.jpg. This also adds it to the Document Library so that you can re-use it later.

  7. Click Add to add the image to the content.

  8. If the image must be resized, click it and then drag the corners.

  9. Click Publish. This saves your web content and makes it available for display.

Well done! You created the content, but you must still publish it on a page so users can see it. You’ll do this next.

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