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In Liferay DXP, you can use structures and templates to create new web content types and layouts. A structure defines the type of items in your content, such as text, images, calendar items, checkboxes, links, and more. Structures are based on Liferay DXP’s forms functionality. When creating content based on a structure, you must fill out that structure’s fields.

A template uses a templating language to display a structure’s items, so you can apply styles and logic to create complex or interactive content. You can create templates in FreeMarker or Velocity. Templates can contain CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and elements of the templating language it uses.

Before getting started with structures and templates, you should know something important: you’ve actually already used them! Basic Web Content is a type of web content defined by a structure and a template. Now you’ll use structures and templates to create something a little more intricate.

Figure 1: Content using a template.

Figure 1: Content using a template.

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