Creating New Buttons for AlloyEditor

AlloyEditor is built on React.js and uses jsx to render each button in the editor. To add a new button to the AlloyEditor, you must create an OSGi bundle that contains three key pieces:

  • A JSX file containing the button’s configuration
  • A Java class that contributes the button to the list of available buttons
  • A Java class that adds the button to the AlloyEditor’s toolbar

Below is the folder structure for a module that adds a new button:

  • frontend-editor-my-button-web
    • src

      • main
        • java
          • com/liferay/frontend/editor/my/button/web/
            • editor
              • configuration
              • servlet
                • taglib
        • resources
          • META-INF
            • resources
              • js
                • my_button.jsx
    • .babelrc

    • bnd.bnd

    • build.gradle

    • package.json

The tutorials in this section cover the following topics:

  • How to create your button’s OSGi bundle
  • How to create your button’s JSX file
  • How to contribute your button to the list of available buttons

You can learn how to add your button to the editor’s toolbars in the Adding Buttons to AlloyEditor’s Toolbars tutorials.

The my-log-text-button bundle is used as an example throughout this tutorial. You can download the bundle’s zip file for reference, or use it as a starting point for your project if you wish.

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