Sign Up Screenlet for iOS


  • Xcode 9.3 or above
  • iOS 11 SDK
  • Liferay Portal 6.2 CE/EE, Liferay CE Portal 7.0/7.1, Liferay DXP 7.0+


  • iOS 9 and above

Xamarin Requirements

  • Visual Studio 7.2
  • Mono .NET framework


The Sign Up Screenlet creates a new user in your Liferay instance: a new user of your app can become a new user in your portal. You can also use this Screenlet to save the credentials of the new user in their keychain. This enables auto login for future sessions. The Screenlet also supports navigation of form fields from the keyboard of the user’s device.

JSON Services Used

Screenlets in Liferay Screens call JSON web services in the portal. This Screenlet calls the following services and methods.



  • Auth


  • Default (default)
  • Flat7 (flat7)

The Sign Up Screenlet with the Default and Flat7 Themes.

Portal Configuration

Sign Up Screenlet’s corresponding configuration in the Liferay instance can be set in the Control Panel by selecting ConfigurationInstance Settings, and then selecting the Authentication section.

The Liferay instances authentication settings.

For more details, please refer to the Setting up a Liferay Instance section of the User Guide.

Anonymous Request

Anonymous requests are unauthenticated requests. Authentication is needed, however, to call the API. To allow this operation, the portal administrator should create a specific user with minimal permissions.


This Screenlet doesn’t support offline mode. It requires network connectivity.


AttributeData typeExplanation
anonymousApiUserNamestringThe user name, email address, or user ID (depending on the portal’s authentication method) to use for authenticating the request.
anoymousApiPasswordstringThe password for use in authenticating the request.
companyIdnumberWhen set, authentication is done for a user in the specified company. If the value is 0, the company specified in LiferayServerContext is used.
autoLoginbooleanWhether the user is logged in automatically after a successful sign up.
saveCredentialsbooleanSets whether or not the user’s credentials and attributes are stored in the keychain after a successful log in. This attribute is ignored if autologin is disabled.


The Sign Up Screenlet delegates some events to an object that conforms to the SignUpScreenletDelegate protocol. If the autologin attribute is enabled, login events are delegated to an object conforming to the LoginScreenletDelegate protocol. Refer to the LoginScreenlet documentation for more details.

The SignUpScreenletDelegate protocol lets you implement the following methods:

  • - screenlet:onSignUpResponseUserAttributes:: Called when sign up successfully completes. The user attributes are passed as a dictionary of keys (String or NSStrings) and values (AnyObject or NSObject). The supported keys are the same as Liferay Portal’s User entity.

  • - screenlet:onSignUpError:: Called when an error occurs in the process. The NSError object describes the error.

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