Using Full Page Applications

Full Page Applications are the ideal way to display a Message Board, Wiki, or other application that demands a full page.

Configuring the Page

Creating a Full Page Application starts just like creating any other type of page.

  1. Go to Site AdministrationBuildSite Pages.

  2. Click the (Add Page) icon.

  3. Give your page a Name and click Submit.

At this point you created the page, but it contains no content. If you visit the page, there is no way to add any content or widgets to the page. You must configure the page for it to function.

  1. From Site Pages click the (Options) button and select Configure.

    On the next screen, you can change the page’s Name, Friendly URL, and set the Full Page Application as well as access other page configuration options in the other tabs.

    Figure 1: The Full Page Application configuration page.

    Figure 1: The Full Page Application configuration page.

  2. Set the Full Page Application to Wiki and click Save.

    Out of the box, you can set the Blogs, Wiki, Media Gallery, Message Boards, RSS, Hello Soy Portlet, Documents and Media, or Dynamic Data Mapping Form to be the sole application for the page. Developers can make their applications Full Page Applications.

  3. Click Go to Site in the Site Administration menu, and then click on your page.

Now the page is configured to display the Wiki and only the Wiki. No other widgets can be added to the page, and the Wiki app cannot be removed.

Figure 2: The Wiki displayed as a Full Page Application.

Figure 2: The Wiki displayed as a Full Page Application.

Note that all of the applications that can be added to the page are non-instanceable and the content of whichever application you select is based on the instance for that site. So if you already had data in your Wiki it appears on this page.

If you want to configure the application to be scoped to this specific page, you can configure that through the application’s settings.

  1. From the page, click the (Options) button for the Wiki and select Configuration.

  2. From the Wiki - Configuration page, select the Scope tab.

  3. Open the Scope menu and select Space Wiki.

Figure 3: Configuring the scope.

Figure 3: Configuring the scope.

Now the Wiki is scoped for this page, and doesn’t share data with the Site or globally scoped Wiki.

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