Introduction to Collaboration

Liferay DXP contains an expansive collaboration suite that empowers users to create content and communities that they couldn’t create alone. A robust document management system is a key component of this suite. As users produce digital assets—documents, videos, audio—they can store and share them using the Documents and Media Library. Documents and Media supports file check in and check out to prevent conflicting edits from multiple users, and maintains a version history of those files. It also contains its own repository, and for added flexibility can connect to external repositories. Once files exist in Documents and Media, users can insert them in other content like blog posts and wiki articles.

The collaboration suite also contains apps that let users share information and create active communities. The Message Boards app gives users a platform for discussions. The Blogs app lets users publish their ideas using rich content. Notifications keep users informed of what’s happening. Social networking apps let users connect and share in ways that bolster friendship and productivity. And this is just scratching the surface—there are many more apps that help users communicate, produce, and present.

The guides that follow show you how to leverage these features, and more, in detail.

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