Using Liferay Sync on Your Mobile Device

Liferay Sync for Android and iOS contains most of the desktop Sync client’s functionality. The mobile client can, however, only be connected to one Liferay DXP account at a time. Also, mobile Sync doesn’t automatically download files to your device. To save storage space on your device, the Sync mobile app lets you choose the files you want to work with. As with the Sync desktop clients, the latest versions of Sync on Android and iOS provide a consistent user experience across platforms. While this article details using Sync on Android, the instructions also apply to Sync on iOS.

You need to download and install Sync on your Android or iOS device through its respective app store, the same as you do any other mobile app. To find the app, search Google Play or the App Store for Liferay. You can also download Sync from the Liferay Sync downloads page. Once you’ve installed the Sync app on your device, the rest of the articles in this guide show you how to use it.

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