Configuring liferay-look-and-feel.xml

First, you’ll need to identify the theme elements you want to make configurable. In the case of the Lunar Resort, you want to make the Breadcrumbs, Portlet borders, and Page Title elements configurable.

Now that you know the elements you want to give Administrators control of, you can get started.

Making configurable theme settings involves a multi-step process. First, you’ll need to add the theme settings to liferay-look-and-feel.xml.

  1. Open your liferay-look-and-feel.xml located in your docroot/WEB-INF/ directory.

  2. Add the following code below <template-extension>ftl</template-extension>:

        <setting configurable="true" key="show-breadcrumbs" 
        options="true,false" type="select" value="false" />
        <setting configurable="true" key="portlet-setup-show-borders-default" 
        options="true,false" type="select" value="true" />
        <setting configurable="true" key="show-page-title" 
        options="true,false" type="select" value="true"/>

    The code you just added identifies the theme settings for the theme. Each setting has a few attributes in common. The configurable attribute defines whether the setting is configurable by the user. key refers to the language key that identifies the theme setting. The options attribute sets the options for the select menu. type refers to the type of UI to render to control the theme setting. Finally, the value attribute sets the default value for the theme setting.

    Although you can create custom theme settings using your own key, you can also make existing theme settings user configurable. The portlet-setup-show-borders-default is an existing theme setting that has been made user configurable for the Lunar Resort.

  3. Save the file and wait for the changes to publish.

  4. Sign in to the Portal as an Admin and navigate to AdminSite AdministrationPages.

  5. Select the Settings drop-down panel. The theme settings you just configured are now available.

Figure 1: The Settings panel allows you to set theme settings for the entire site.

Figure 1: The *Settings* panel allows you to set theme settings for the entire site.

The steps you’ve completed so far have added the custom theme settings to the Look and Feel menu for the theme. In order to make them actually work, you’ll have to assign their values in init_custom.ftl. You’ll do this next.

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