Editions of Liferay

Liferay ships in two editions: one for the community and one for enterprise subscribers. The community edition is the same Liferay Portal that has been available for years: frequently updated and bursting with the latest features, the Community Edition of Liferay Portal is offered for free under the Lesser GNU public license, a free software license with one important exception. This license gives you the flexibility to link Liferay with your own code in your portlet, theme, hook, layout, Ext or web plugins, no matter what license you use for your code. If, however, you modify Liferay directly, those modifications need to be released as free software under the terms of the license. The best way, of course, to do this is to contribute it back to the Liferay community. This is really the best of both worlds: you have the freedom use any license (or no license) if you use plugins, but if you modify Liferay directly, the community receives the benefits of any enhancements that you’ve made.

Liferay for enterprise subscribers is a supported version of Liferay Portal for the enterprise. The subscription and support package allows organizations to build their portals on a stable version of the product that is offered over an extended period of time. It’s the best wayfor you to develop, deploy, and maintain your Liferay solution. It includes

  • Liferay support
  • Updates
  • Fix Packs
  • Cloud Services
  • Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition

Now let’s learn how to get a copy of Liferay Portal.

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