Obtaining Liferay Portal

The Liferay community can download Liferay Portal from our web site at http://www.liferay.com. Click the Downloads link at the top of the page, and you’ll see multiple options for getting a copy of Liferay, including our convenient bundles or a .war package for installation on your application server of choice.

Liferay enterprise subscribers can download Liferay from the Help Center. You have a choice of the same open source app server bundles as community members, plus a few commercial alternatives, in addition to the .war package for manual installation.

So what is a bundle anyway? A bundle is an application server with Liferay preinstalled. This is the most convenient way to install Liferay. Liferay is bundled with a number of application servers; all you need to do is choose the one that best fits your needs. If you don’t currently have an application server, you may want to start with the Tomcat bundle, as Tomcat is one of the smallest and most straightforward bundles to configure. If you have an open source application server preference, choose the server you prefer from the available Liferay Portal bundles. All the bundles ship with a Java Runtime Environment for Windows; if you are using a different operating system, you must have a JDK (Java Development Kit) installed prior to launching Liferay Portal.

Please note that Liferay is not able to provide application server bundles for proprietary application servers such as WebLogic or WebSphere, because the licenses for these servers don’t allow for redistribution. Liferay Portal, however, runs just as well on these application servers as it does on the others. A .war file and dependency .jars are provided for proprietary application servers, and you’ll need to follow a procedure to install Liferay on them.

Once you have Liferay, you can then plan out your installation. This is a two-step process: first, determine if you need Liferay Portal Security turned on, and second, install Liferay Portal, by using a bundle or by installing it manually on your existing app server. Next, we’ll go over the steps it takes to install Liferay Portal.

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