Archived Setups

Once you’ve configured a portlet, Archived Setups enables you to save those settings in an “archive”. If someone goes in and changes the settings of a particular portlet, it then becomes easy to revert those changes back to the original, archived configuration.

To create an archived setup, click the Configuration option from the menu in the portlet’s title bar. If the current settings of the portlet you’re configuring are the ones you want to archive, click the Archive/Restore Setup link. If not, change and save the settings until you have the portlet configured the way you want it, and then click the Archive/Restore Setup link.

There is only one field to fill out. Enter a name for your archive and click Save. You should now see your archive in the list. If you ever need to revert the portlet to these archived settings, you can click Actions → Restore next to the archived setup you want to restore.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the portlets in this chapter support this feature. This is particularly useful for portlets that have a lot of configuration options, such as the Message Boards portlet.

Next, we’ll see how permissions apply to Liferay portlets in general.

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