Packaging Your Views

If you want to distribute or reuse Views, you should package them in a module that is then added as an app’s project dependency. To do this, use the material sub-project as a template for your new build.gradle file.

To use a packaged View, you must import its module into your project by specifying its location in your settings.gradle file. The Bank of Westeros and test-app projects use custom Views westeros and material, respectively. These projects exemplify using independent Views in a project.

If you want to redistribute your View and let others use it, you can upload it to jCenter or Maven Central. In the example build.gradle file, after entering your bintray api key you can execute gradlew bintrayupload to upload your project to jCenter. When finished, anyone can use the View as they would any Android dependency by adding the repository, artifact, group ID, and version to their Gradle file.

Creating Android Views

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