Managing Site Navigation

Liferay provides powerful tools for creating and organizing pages. You can have anything from a simple, flat Site navigation to a complex hierarchy with tree of sub-pages nested down many levels.

Liferay DXP 7.1 lets you create Navigation Menus separate from your page hierarchy. Now you have the freedom to leave one-off marketing landing pages out of the navigation or create multiple navigation menus: a main menu, secondary menus, footer menus, and custom menus for anything that you can dream up.

Menus can differ by page: landing pages can show a simple list of frequently visited pages, and the rest can appear in secondary navigation. You can also create specific menus for different landing pages to direct users to content that is relevant to them.

Go to NavigationPages to view the existing pages or create new pages. The Site hierarchy as displayed on Pages is the main reference for the organization of pages on that Site. While Navigation Menus can customize their organization and what appears and what doesn’t appear, this menu is always the primary reference for the pages on your Site.

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