Troubleshooting Liferay DXP Data Sources

Misconfigured environments or data sources can prevent or disrupt access to Liferay DXP (DXP) data sources. Here's how to troubleshoot DXP data source issues.

Retry Authorization

Error Message: Unknown error. Please retry authorization.

DXP data source access requires that your DXP instance be publicly available and that your Analytics Cloud instance be registered with the DXP instance as an OAuth application.


  1. Follow the steps for adding a Liferay DXP data source.

  2. Register Analytics Cloud with your DXP instance.

Unsupported Version

Error Message: Unsupported version. This method of connection does not support the data source Liferay version. Make sure you are connecting to Liferay 7.0/7.1 instance or try a different method of connection.


  1. Make sure to connect with a Liferay DXP 7.0 or 7.1 instance.

  2. Follow the steps for adding a Liferay DXP data source.

  3. If the error persists, make sure JSON web services are enabled on your DXP instance. They're enabled by default. If you disabled them using a portal property setting json.web.service.enabled=false (e.g., set in a file), delete the setting or set the property value to true.

Invalid Credentials; the Authorization Expired

Error Message: Invalid Credentials. The authorization for this data source has expired. Please reauthorize the token in the OAuth tab.

This message appears in the log:

WARN [http-nio-8080-exec-14][AbstractOAuthService:88] Unsecure HTTP, Transport Layer Security is recommended

Connection to a DXP data source requires that the DXP instance's web server protocol be forwarded.


  1. Follow steps for adding a DXP data source, paying particular attention to register Analytics Cloud with your DXP instance.

  2. If the issue persists and the web server protocol is forwarded, set these portal properties in a file in your DXP instance.

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