Java TCK Certified OpenJDK Binaries

Liferay has chosen not to individually certify OpenJDK binaries. The compatibility of open source JDK binaries will depend on the Java Technical Compatibility Kit (TCK) certification of that binary. Meaning, if a JDK binary is Java TCK compliant or certified then that binary will be compatible for use with Liferay.

The Java TCK testing kit allows an organization to test their compiled Java binaries and ensure the binaries comply with the Java SE standards. If everything passes then the organization will indicate that their binaries are compliant or certified.

Below is a list of known TCK certified Java binaries:

Amazon Coretto
Azul Zulu
Eclipse Adoptium
IBM Semeru
Oracle Open JDK
RedHat OpenJDK
SAP SAPMachine

Below is a list of known Java binaries which do not have TCK certification:

AdoptOpenJDK (

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