Building Clustering for Liferay Portal

RMI-based clustering with Liferay Portal requires building and deploying clustering modules and blacklisting the single node modules.

Build Liferay Portal from source

These instructions assume building against the latest tagged release but also work with any branch.

  1. Clone the Liferay Portal GitHub repository for the branch or tag you want. For example, this command clones the 7.0.x branch:

    git clone --branch 7.0.x --single-branch --depth 1
  2. Build from source:

    cd liferay-portal
    ant all

A Liferay Portal bundle is built to the ../bundles/ folder.

Blacklist Single Node Modules

Prevent the single node modules from deploying by blacklisting them or removing them from your Liferay Portal installation’s /osgi/portal folder.

For example, here are the commands for removing them from the ../bundles/ folder:

rm -f ../bundles/osgi/portal/com.liferay.portal.cache.single.jar
rm -f ../bundles/osgi/portal/com.liferay.portal.cluster.single.jar
rm -f ../bundles/osgi/portal/com.liferay.portal.scheduler.single.jar 

Build and Deploy the Clustering Modules

Now build and deploy the clustering modules:

  1. Build and deploy the clustering modules to the ../bundles/osgi/portal folder:

    cd modules
    ../gradlew :apps:foundation:portal:portal-cluster-multiple:deploy
    ../gradlew :apps:foundation:portal-cache:portal-cache-ehcache-multiple:deploy
    ../gradlew :apps:foundation:portal-scheduler:portal-scheduler-multiple:deploy
  2. Copy the clustering modules (listed below) from ../bundles/osgi/portal to each node’s [Liferay Home]/osgi/portal folder:


Your cluster nodes have the modules needed for running in a cluster.

Liferay DXP Clustering

Blacklisting Modules

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