What is a Slim Bundle?

Starting in September of 2019 there will be an additional option to download “Slim Bundles”.  Slim Bundles will be released for every fix pack and every service pack.

Slim Bundles are the very same code base as traditional bundles. However, they are one third of the traditional bundle in size because the patch source and patching information has been removed.  Slim Bundles are recommended for demos and installations where disk space is limited or costly, making them ideal for cloud or container environments.

WARNING: If you are using a Slim Bundle, you cannot run most of the Patching Tool commands until the patches are restored.

After creating the Slim Bundle only the following Patching Tool commands can be used:

  • auto-discovery
  • info
  • setup

Slim Bundles are created by using the patching-tool separate command. General fix pack installations can also be made slim using this same command.  The patching-tool installs a patch using the patch file (e.g. liferay-fixpack-dxp-10-7110.zip or hotfix-1234.zip) and creates a patching-backup.zip in the process.  These files are necessary for the patching-tool to make any patch changes. The patching-tool separate command removes the patching-backup.zip and the patch source placing them in a liferay-patching-files-[file-name].zip file.  Removing these files reduces the size of the bundle.

Slim Bundles can still be patched, but requires the extra step of restoring the patch and patching files.  The patching files for fix pack and service pack bundles are also made available with the release of the Slim Bundle.

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