Iterative Development

As you develop an application, you might need to add fields to your database. This is a normal process of iterative development: you get an idea for a new feature, or it’s suggested to you, and that feature requires additional data in the database. New fields added to service.xml are not automatically added to the database. To add the fields, you must do one of two things:

  1. Write an upgrade process to modify the tables and preserve the data, or

  2. Run the cleanServiceBuilder Gradle task (also supported on Maven and Ant), which drops your tables so they get re-created the next time your app is deployed. The Maven DB Support Plugin reference article explains how to run this command from a Maven project.

Use the first option if you have a released application and you must preserve user data. Use the second option if you’re adding new columns during development.

Upgrade Processes

Gradle DB Support Plugin

Maven DB Support Plugin

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