Liferay Digital Experience Platform 7.3

To get off to a great start using Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), refer to the official Readme file on the Liferay Help Center. It provides resources for launching and learning DXP, enterprise support information, descriptions of Liferay's deployment services, and whitepapers on enterprise and mission critical deployments.

Customers will be provided access to Help Center after purchase. To access Help Center, sign in to and look for Help Center under your User icon in the top right drop down menu, or directly access from here. If you do not have access to Help Center, please email

If you do not have a account, please create one from the Create Account link in the top right drop down menu at

Licensing and Trademark

  1. Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is licensed by Liferay and its affiliates. Your use of DXP is subject to the terms and conditions of an agreement between you, and/or your company, and Liferay or its affiliates.

  2. Liferay, Liferay Digital Experience Platform and Liferay DXP are trademarks registered by Liferay in the United States, Europe and various other countries. Use of these trademarks is governed by the Trademark policy posted at: When using these trademarks in any form, this policy should be reviewed to understand if your use requires permission from Liferay. For further questions, please contact

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