Known Issue: Liferay Commerce Downloads Go to Empty Page

This article documents a known issue regarding Liferay Commerce downloads in Help Center. When Liferay Commerce customers and partners attempt to download one of the available releases, in most cases the user reaches a blank page, instead of downloading the selected file.


Status: Verified, Workaround Available

The Liferay Systems team is working on resolving this issue.

In the meantime, if you are affected by this issue, you can find an alternate download location in the Purchased Apps section of the Liferay Marketplace: 

  1. Navigate to Purchased Apps
  2. Click on the Liferay Commerce logo in your company project:


    • Alternatively, you can click on the project name itself
    • And on the next page, click on the Liferay Commerce link
  3. Select the download based on type (Source or App) and Liferay DXP version (7.1 or 7.2)

If you cannot see the Liferay Commerce icon in your Purchased apps section, please follow the steps below to contact Provisioning:

How to Contact the Liferay Provisioning Team

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