Loss of CKEditor functionalities on Fix Pack 9 (DXP 7.2), Fix Pack 20 (DXP 7.1) and Fix Pack 97 (DXP 7.0)


  • After upgrading to Fix Pack 9 (DXP 7.2), Fix Pack 20 (DXP 7.1) and Fix Pack 97 (DXP 7.0) several CKEditor functionalities will no longer be operating:
    • LPS-125443 - The "Browse Server" button is missing.
    • LPS-125798, LPS-125296 - Certain toolbar buttons (e.g.: Smiley, SpecialChar, SelectAll, Styles, Find, Replaceand others) have vanished.
    • LPS-125559 - The Table properties can't be edited.
    • LPS-125798 - The "More Colors ..." button has vanished.
    • LPS-125559 - In case the table border size is 0, there will no longer be gray dotted lines showing the table in the editor.
    • LPS-125807 - The CKEditor font size selector flickers on mouse hover.


  • Liferay DXP 7.2 Fix Pack 9, Fix Pack 10
  • Liferay DXP 7.1 Fix Pack 20, Fix Pack 21
  • Liferay DXP 7.0 Fix Pack 97+


  • If you are running fix packs, install:
  • In case you are on Liferay DXP 7.0 or you wish to receive a hotfix, please submit a support ticket, requesting for a comprehensive fix that will restore the missing features listed in the above "Issue" section.

  • Please note, the below behaviors are expected and not considered as bugs:

    • "Tab" and "Link" in image properties are missing (Reason: the CKEditor was updated to use a new plugin behind the scenes and the "Tab" and "Link" functionalities have been refactored in the new interface).
    • Percentage can't be used anymore at image properties (Reason: In the new CKEditor, the functionality was removed. In those fields, you may use only positive numbers with or without a valid measurement unit, i.e.px).
    • Inability to add a border to an image with CKEditor (Reason: With the new CKEditor and the implementation of the new "image2" plugin, the image border functionality is no longer present).

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