Live Chat for Liferay PaaS

Note: please note that Liferay has renamed its Liferay Experience Could offerings to Liferay SaaS (formerly LXC) and Liferay PaaS (formerly LXC-SM).

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a tool to get quick answers to common questions and issues, outside of submitting a Help Center ticket. If you can't find a specific piece of documentation, need guidance on a feature, or just don't know what to do next, our live chat support team can help!

How Do I Use Live Chat?

If you are a Liferay PaaS subscriber, you can access live chat from the Cloud Console.

  1. To begin, click the Help button in the bottom right corner of the screen (pictured below)-EETD0wTlJ1B-A3PoDVOv-ua2_U_FglsuObqV07bYhrOIVn4ZG9I5VhpmgHR0miR-JxBaCMPoRhf06EBHtEk-eEw-SQm3T5jN5ubHIwBybrEALFNHwEjsanGbv4A4y0Gj_rLExAa.png
  2. Type in a question and press enter
  3. You will be presented with suggested articles that may be relevant to your question
  4. If further assistance is needed, click the Live chat button to connect with our Support team
  5. Complete the form by entering your name, email and a message to begin a chat session
  6. Upon entering your message, the widget will inform you of your position in the queue
  7. The widget will update you again when a Support team member joins the chat


If you need to review a chat after the session is complete, you can do so the same way you view tickets, in the View My Tickets section of Help Center.

Note: If it has been over 28 days since a chat closed, the chat history will be under Organization Requests


In order to leverage live chat, you must have the Administrator or Requester role in Help Center and have access to the Liferay PaaS Cloud Console.


Please be aware that live chat is not a replacement for Help Center tickets or Phone Support. Live chat is intended to be an added service to provide assistance in scenarios that are generally straight-forward or can be resolved in a short period of time. If the Support team member determines your issue would be more appropriately handled through another support channel, they will inform you and guide you to the best support channel for your issue.

It is important to note that Phone Support remains the primary way to report the highest priority issues (Severity 1) to Liferay.

Service Level Agreement

Severity Level Description Response Time SLA*

Severity 1 (“High”)

Production environment is completely shut down or severely impacted


Severity 2 (“Normal”)

Any environment is functioning with limited capabilities or is unstable with periodic interruptions

2 minutes

Severity 3 (“Low”)

Any environment is fully functional but there are observed errors that do not impact the usability

2 minutes
*Live chat response times may vary depending on load
**We do not recommend this reporting method for handling Sev 1 issues
***Live chat support is subject to regional availability



Live chat is available during your local office's business hours only. The Help Widget is always available to help you find relevant self-service documentation outside of business hours, but the Support team will not be available for live chat.

Live chat is currently only available in select areas, but will be expanding over time. Your team will receive an email when live chat is available in your region. If you do not see the chat option and would like to utilize this feature, reach out to your Liferay Account Representative or Success Manager to inquire about future availability in your region.

Additional Information

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