DXP 7.0 License not activated after deployment


  • After deploying the provisioned Liferay license, the Liferay bundle license is not activated and "This instance is not registered." error is thrown. 
  • After going through the Activation Key Troubleshooting Guide, still having issues with the license.


  • DXP 7.0


  • Verify that the license .xml file is copied to the Liferay deploy directory retaining its user:group ownership as liferay:liferay. 
  • Copy the license .xml file to the Liferay home directory, changing ownership of the file to liferay user and group while it was in the liferay user's home directory /usr/local/liferay/, changing permissions ('chmod 660' or higher), and then copying the file into the deploy directory as liferay user.

  • It was important to copy the file as liferay user, not as the root user, as copying into the deploy directory as root would cause the ownership of the license file to change from liferay:liferay to root:root and ultimately causes activation to fail. 

Additional Information

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