Defining file extensions for Document Library documents


  • Is it possible to define what file extensions are allowed to upload into Document Library?


  • DXP 7.1+


  • This configuration is done through UI :
Control Panel -> System Settings -> Documents and Media -> SYSTEM SCOPE -> Service -> File Extensions sections
  • Every file extension is defined with 'dot'[extension string] Some examples:
  • You can save and export the configuration. It will be available in com.liferay.document.library.configuration.DLConfiguration.config

file with all options syntax. This way, you can apply this configuration to others environments.

  • There are two additional file extensions configurations besides, for Web Content and Blogs:
Control Panel -> System Settings -> Web Content -> SYSTEM SCOPE -> File Uploads -> Allowed File Extensions sections
Control Panel -> System Settings -> Blogs -> SYSTEM SCOPE -> File Uploads -> Allowed Blogs Image File Extensions sections


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