Is the AVIF file format supported by Liferay?


  • We would like to generate previews for the AVIF file format.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • Liferay supports AVIF after merging LPS-182691:
    • 7.3 U28
    • 7.4 U78
  • If needed, you can request a hotfix by raising a Support ticket.

Additional Information

Once the fix is added, the following steps will be necessary to preview AVIF files:

  1. Setup and enable ImageMagick in Liferay: Liferay Learn - Enabling ImageMagick and Ghostscript
  2. Navigate to System Settings > Adaptive Media > ImageMagick
  3. Check that image/avif is a supported MIME Type. Otherwise, add it and save

See also Configuring Supported Media Types for ImageMagick.

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