Performance issue when updating category name with several web contents assigned to this category


  • When I try to update a category name that is assigned to several web content articles, the page keeps loading for a long time and causes performance issues.

Reproduction Steps:

1. Start DXP 7.3 
2. Go to Categorization --> Categories --> and create a vocabulary with one category. 
3. Go to Content & Data --> Web Content and create several web contents (around 10000 contents) and assign the category to each web content.
4. Go to Categorization --> Category and find the created category, click the kebab menu beside it, then edit the name and save.

Actual Result: The Page keeps loading for a long time.
Expected Result: The category name should be updated quickly.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  • This is a known issue. In order to improve the performance, you need to enable the property "Index Read Only" from Control Panel --> Configuration --> System Settings -> Search -> Index Status. The updating of the category will be very quick.

Note: If you enable this property, you will need to execute a full reindex from Control Panel --> Configuration --> Search --> Index Actions and execute: Reindex all search indexes.

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