09/21/2023 - Release Updates


  • LCD-26010 capability for users to customize the /etc/hosts file of their container pods via the LCP.json configuration. This enhancement, achieved through the new hostAliases property, provides a seamless method for users to establish custom hostname-to-IP mappings. 
  • LCD-26087 Realtime support chat for customers that have Support Admin Role on Liferay's Customer Portal.
  • LCD-27134 Display build inspector
  • LCD-29281 & LCD-30260 Integrated Google Cloud's Private Service Connect with Cloud Interconnect for enhanced Kubernetes service connectivity in Liferay Cloud.
  • LCD-29588 Update CLI to list the --extension parameter in order to deploy a zip file containing client extensions.
    lcp deploy --extension [extension-zip-file]
  • LCD-30320 Introduced "lcp auth token" command in CLI for enhanced script integration and token retrieval. Uselcp auth token and it should print the authentication token.
  • LCD-30359 Configure AzureDevOps SCM Source on Jenkins


  • LCD-30506 LCP CLI repeats most recent log line
  • LCD-30787 Unreadable JSON logs in Jenkins console of Pull Request Test Runner, when it should be human readable text logs
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