09/28/2023 - Release Updates


  • Enhanced DXP Log Viewing: Developed a feature to view DXP Logs directly on the Cloud Console, improving accessibility and usability for clients. 
  • API Audit Layer Implementation: Introduced an audit layer for Liferay Cloud Platform APIs to enhance security monitoring and compliance.
  • Console Logs DatePicker Update: Updated the date picker in console logs to enforce a maximum log retention period of 30 days, optimizing log management and performance.
  • New Elasticsearch Image: Added a Liferay Cloud image for Elasticsearch 8. 
  • Support for Elasticsearch 8 on ECK: Ensured that Elasticsearch Kubernetes (ECK) is compatible with Elasticsearch version 8, enhancing support for newer versions. 
  •  Improved GCS Backup Retries: Increased the default number of gsutil retries when performing GCS backups to reduce the likelihood of failures due to transient network issues.
  • Reduced Logging Verbosity During GCS Syncs: Decreased the verbosity of logging during GCS backup syncs to minimize noise and improve the clarity of log files.
  • Elasticsearch Security Upgrade: Upgraded Elasticsearch to version 7.17.13 to address vulnerabilities identified in CVE-2023-31418 and CVE-2023-31419, bolstering system security.

Bug Fixes

  • VPN Connection Issue Fix: Resolved an issue where users were unable to connect to VPNs using OpenVPN with TLS cert/key, enhancing connectivity and security.
  • Database Service Configuration Limitation: Addressed the lack of support for changes to the max_allowed_packet database flag in the database service, planning for future flexibility in database configurations.
  • Migration Script Failure: Fixed a failure in the migration script designed to remove external name payloads, ensuring the integrity of the migration process.
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