PaaS and SaaS Plan and Usage Information


We are excited to introduce the Plan & Usage Page Feature for Liferay LXC-SM Cloud Console. This feature provides a comprehensive view of your subscription, including real-time resource usage information across all your different environments.

Plan and Usage.png

Feature Highlights

  • Detailed Resource Breakdown: Visual indicators and graphs provide at-a-glance information about CPU, memory, storage, and instance usage, broken down by environment.
  • Storage Consumption Tracker: Near real-time tracking of storage usage with breakdowns for database size and document library size.
  • Intuitive Layout & Structure: Clear and simplified UI with prominent display of critical metrics and easy navigation.
  • Plan Summary: Displays critical metrics along with the plan price in a bold, clear format.
  • Visual Indicators: Color-coded bar graphs for core resources showing the percentage used for resource utilization.

Using the New Plan & Usage Feature

  • Navigate to Plan & Usage: Log in to Liferay Cloud, click on your avatar at the top right corner, and select Plan and Usage.
  • View Resource Allocation: Check the updated graphs and indicators to monitor your current resource usage.
  • Monitor Storage Consumption: Utilize the new storage metrics display to keep track of database and document library sizes.
  • Understand Your Subscription: The detailed plan features box will give you a quick overview of your plan's benefits and limitations.


The Plan & Usage Page Feature is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a transparent and user-friendly cloud management experience. We hope this new feature empowers you to make more informed decisions about your resource allocations and project lifecycle management.

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