How can I display the maximize and minimize buttons in my widget


  • I upgraded from 6.2 version to 7.4 and I am not able to configure maximize and minimize buttons in my widgets as I had in 6.2 version. I used to add $theme.iconMinimize() and $theme.iconMaximize() to my custom theme using Velocity.


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  • DXP 7.4


  • Since LPSA-79897, this code is moved to a theme configuration.
  • To adapt your code you have to:
    1. Add the configurable setting to your custom theme:
      <setting configurable="true" key="show-maximize-minimize-application-links" type="checkbox" value="true" />.
      You can take the Classic Theme code as an example: Classic Theme - liferay-look-and-feel.xml.
    2. Use the liferay-frontend["icon-options"] tag to display the configuration options:
      1. To use the Front-end taglib in you apps, add the following declaration to your JSP: <%@ taglib prefix="liferay-frontend" uri="" %>
      2. Then add <liferay-frontend["icon-options"]/> to your JSP.
      3. For Freemarker templates use <@liferay_frontend["icon-options"] instead.
  • Once the theme is deployed and configured for a page (or set of pages), you can enable or disable this option from the Design tab of the page: Maximize_and_Minimize.png

NOTE: The following resolution requires customization and should only be implemented at the discretion of your team. Liferay Support will not be able to assist with designing or implementing customizations.

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