The form field value is lost when edited in a different site locale


  • I have an issue with the Form field rule. I have a form submitted in English, when I update it in a different language (Greek) without modifying the original entry, the field rule entry is lost.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Add a new form with two languages: English and Greek.

  2. Add two text fields:

    1. FirstTextField.

    2. SecondTextField.

  3. Add a new form rule:

    1. If FirstTextField is not empty.

    2. Show SecondTextField.

  4. Publish the form.

  5. Go to the published form using the shared URL.

  6. Change the language to Greek.

  7. Submit a form entry by adding values ​​to both fields.

  8. Go to Form view entries.

  9. Go to Edit the entry.

    1. Do not change anything.

  10. Click to submit.

Expected Result: Both fields keep their values.

Actual Result: The second form field value is lost.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4 update 92+


  • The issue has been resolved by LPD-28050. Please request a hotfix.
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